About Us

The Kiwanis Club of Twin Falls always welcomes new members, young and old, male or female, of any race, religion or nationality. If you are interested in joining Kiwanis or would just like to learn more about us, please drop us an email and come be our guest at one of our weekly lunch meetings. Each meeting includes a buffet lunch at the popular Turf Club and features fun, friendship and an interesting presentation on local topics. We look forward to meeting you!

Established January 31, 1921, the Twin Falls Kiwanis Club is one of seven clubs in the Magic Valley Division (Division 5) of the Utah-Idaho District in Kiwanis International. We are composed of over 90 members from diverse backgrounds and professions. We meet every Thursday at noon for lunch at the Turf Club on Falls Ave E.

The Twin Falls club offers an opportunity for personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of Twin Falls, the Magic Valley, the state of Idaho, the nation, and the world. While service is what Kiwanians are known for, the club offers much more. Meetings and projects provide fellowship – fellowship that is sincere and lasting.

Since its founding in 1915, the non-profit international organization has grown to some 15,000 clubs (including Kiwanis Clubs, Circle “K”s, Key Clubs and other Youth Clubs) in more than 90 nations and geographic areas. Nearly two-thirds of a million Kiwanians are helping to improve people’s lives on every continent – from Canada to Columbia, from Austria to Australia, from Tunisia to the Republic of China.

Kiwanians are engaged in education, business, government, banking, law, medicine, marketing, agriculture, international trade, non-profit organizations, and many other fields. They are corporate officers, managers, small-business owners, self-employed, professionals, ranchers, farmers, employees and other. They are young individuals embarking on careers, successful executives, employees and active retirees.

Clubs perform their community volunteer service work and their internal administration through standing committees. Each member works in one or more of these, depending upon his or her particular desires and aptitudes.

Some specifics about Kiwanis

Kiwanis is a service organization …

… not a social club, although enduring friendships are created through the Kiwanis spirit of fellowship that comes from mutual effort devoted to great and useful ends.

Kiwanis is often a public forum …

… but never a political circle. Meeting programs frequently provide platforms for the balanced, and impartial, presentation of public issues of interest to the member and the community.

Kiwanis makes its activities known …

… it is not a secret society. Kiwanis is a non-profit corporation. There are no private rituals – instead, public awareness of Kiwanis activities is sought because it increases support for Kiwanis service efforts.

Each club is guided by the needs of its own locale …

not the international organization. Kiwanis International does not impose programs upon its clubs or members. Instead, it encourages each club to review the needs of their own region and determine their own course of action to best serve their community.